Our stay in Cambodia

The biggest town in Cambodia is Phnom Penh. A big town is Siem Reap. The most beautiful town is Kampot. We stayed in Kampot for one week. In Kampot grows the pepper. In Cambodia I have seen: Ankor Wat, Temples, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Kampot. My favourite town is Kampot, because it is a little town and it is beautiful. In Kampot we have rent two motos for two days.
The most used transportation vehicle is the moto, then the Tuk Tuk after this the car. If we go at the street, a lot of people ask: ,,Tuk Tuk Sir?‘‘ and I answer: ,,No, Tik Tik Sir‘‘. There are temples in Cambodia. The most famous temple is ,,Ankor Wat‘‘. Ankor Wat and a lot of other temples are in Siem Reap. The people in Cambodia are smaller and all have black hair. The people eat food always with rice. For example: rice with vegetable, rice with chicken curry, rice with chicken korma and rice with beef. They eat Western food too. I like Western food. In Cambodia it is hot.